Smart Lockers in Corporate Settings

GSParcels understands that an even mix of functionality and aesthetics is important when choosing any equipment that will furnish an office space. Smart lockers in corporate settings should exceed expectations in the functionality realm and play a hand in complementing the business with a professional and smooth look.

Luxer One has set the bar in the smart locker industry, catering to the evolving needs of corporate offices. Such settings have different requirements than once, as more office-based employees can work from a home office rather than in-house. 

This influx of home-based or part-time home/part-time office working strategies has pressed the need to update parcel traffic management in corporate offices. Smart lockers are the most efficient and user-friendly way to manage additional traffic, particularly regarding borrowed office equipment that needs to be carefully tracked. 

Luxer One’s smart lockers are diverse; they can provide indoor, outdoor, and refrigerated units while maintaining an “office appeal” rather than an out-of-place industrial appearance. The ultimate goal for these parcel lockers is to meet the biggest challenges that businesses currently face, whether it be the rotation of employee equipment or ensuring things are up-to-date.

Tracking Employee Equipment

There are two major areas where a smart locker shines in tracking employee equipment. First is maintaining the whereabouts of equipment, and second is ensuring that the equipment is up to date and hasn’t become obsolete. 

Staying Up-To-Date

Offices that venture to remain on the cutting edge of technological advancement tend to cycle through equipment as it changes or upgrades. One of the inherent benefits of sending equipment to and fro through a smart locker is that it not only keeps track of what has gone out to, say, an at-home employee but can also keep a record of what version or revision that piece was that went out. 

If there should be a change to the equipment, recalling the whereabouts of the existing will provide a proactive course of action, allowing a business to send out a more updated variety or can inform the employee to ship back the existing for the upgrades required to stay seamless with the rest of the equipment.  

Maintaining Equipment Whereabouts

Anything that is shipped through a smart locker system is scanned and recorded. What it is, where it’s going, and when it is left are tracked through the system. This takes a lot of footwork and guesswork out of the room when trying to keep track of the flow of company equipment. 


What smart lockers from Luxer One bring to the table is a level of convenience not found in any conventional mailroom or office setting. As already mentioned, there is a level of convenience added to inventory tracking and maintenance, but in every way, convenience is enjoyed by all users.

As long as the doors are open, a package can be delivered at any time, which is great for employees that work from home but can get to the office to drop it off rather than ship it. Conversely, the company knows exactly what the employee (or shipping agent) dropped off as soon as it enters the locker. There’s no guesswork about what a package is or where it is.

Does your business have an increasing number of employees working at home? It’s time to look closer at Luxer One smart locker units and see how the benefits of having one in your corporate setting keep you ahead of the curve, better organized, and more efficient.

GSParcel Staff (51)

GS Parcel is a registered reseller and installer of Luxer One parcel lockers, parcel rooms, asset management systems, and refrigerated lockers. Luxer One is revolutionizing the parcel locker industry and their self-serve, contactless pickup, and drop-off solutions are second to none. From the hardware to the software to the internal electronics, their lockers are designed in-house. They’ve built high-quality products that you can trust.

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