Reasons to Transition from Manual to Fully Automated Mailrooms

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Firms have handled their mailrooms manually for generations. While this method is still effective today, it might be high time to keep up with the times by upgrading to a fully automated mailroom system. Read on to learn the reasons why you should modernize your mailroom system today! It Removes Human Error Hand-sorting and tracking … Read more

Storage Solutions: What to Know About Refrigerated Lockers

refrigerated parcel lockers

Storage is always necessary, regardless of the industry. In supermarkets, the go-to storage solutions are refrigerated lockers. As the name suggests, refrigerated lockers keep the food cool, fresh, and ready to be used. In general, they are designed to provide safe, walk-in storage for groceries in a convenient location. The size of these lockers makes … Read more

Smart Parcel Lockers for Colleges and Universities: What to Know Before Investing in Them

Woman grabbing Package from Oversized Luxer One Parcel Locker

With the pandemic still occurring, colleges and universities have implemented new policies to ensure safety and health measures. One of those changes is the use of smart parcel lockers.  Smart parcel lockers offer a contact-free and automated solution for last-mile delivery that is also cost-effective and convenient. But before you rush into investing in smart … Read more

Benefits of Parcel Lockers Retailers Should Be Aware Of

Outdoor Parcel Locker Mail Room

Customers choose parcel lockers for many reasons, but the greatest is that they’re pretty convenient and significantly cheaper than home delivery. Customers prefer these click-and-collect solutions not only as their final-mile delivery option. It’s also their chosen option in case of returns. If you wish to offer your customers the best shopping experience, parcel lockers … Read more

4 Benefits of Using Parcel Lockers in Apartments and Condos


People order online for many reasons, and many do so on various platforms. However, for individuals trying to run apartments and condos, the hassle of managing the packages is something they don’t look forward to, especially if it means handling hundreds of packages in one go. So, is there a solution out there that will … Read more

Everything You Needed to Know About Parcel Lockers

Luxer Parcel Lockers Opened

Parcel lockers are units designed for bulk storage. They have multiple compartments that can be locked and are meant to facilitate the delivery and collection of orders night and day. Since parcel lockers are accessible 24/7, it is becoming a powerful tool in a period of rising e-commerce. For example, a person can order something … Read more

This Is Why You Should Get a Smart Parcel Locker Installed

smart locker

During the pandemic, there has been a prominent increase in online shopping. The reason for this is the inability or fear of some people heading out and risking themselves. As employers begin to call their employees back into the office, online shopping or food delivery may continue. While before, it was alright for someone else … Read more

Parcel Lockers and How They Can Benefit Companies


With e-commerce gaining plenty of traction, primarily due to the ongoing pandemic, more and more businesses are handling parcel deliveries and presenting them. Those who have already been doing this have had a head start in ensuring their deliveries are done correctly and effectively. However, companies that just started have realized the challenges they must … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Say Goodbye to Manual Mailrooms


For the longest time, companies have been operating their office mailrooms manually. They place interns and trainees in the mailroom to hand-sort and hand-deliver mail to people from different departments. Although this method still works and may look cost-effective today, the truth is, modernizing your mailroom system has more benefits than a manual system. Here … Read more

The Importance of Smart Refrigerated Lockers for Groceries

refrigerated lockers by luxer one

The grocery sector is transforming in a variety of ways. Some of these shifts have been in the works for a while, such as a rising emphasis on organic and healthy food, fueled by a growing understanding of nutrition’s role in our overall health. And emergent technology is turning the food sector on its head … Read more

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