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Library Lockers: Book Drop-Off & Pickup Solutions

GS Parcel is your local Luxer One dealer handling library locker systems and book drop-off/pickup lockers.

Self-service pickup and return library locker system

  • 24/7 Contactless book pickup & drop-off
  • No wait times
  • Zero public employee interactions
  • Secure & tamper-proof smart library systems
  • Internal hinges and integrated video surveillance
Luxer One Smart Library Lockers
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Luxer One’s goal is to accept every package that comes through your door. They accomplish this through their unparalleled technology and commitment to service.


From the hardware to the software to the internal electronics, their locker components are designed in-house. They’ve built heavy-duty and high-quality smart library lockers that you can trust. See for yourself how Luxer One’s lockers are made.

Color & Customization Options

Select from any of Luxer One’s four standard locker colors, or customize your system with custom paint, wraps, or branding.

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