3 Reasons College Campuses Should Invest in Smart Lockers

In any college campus, a team of management personnel seeks to create more productive, convenient, and comfortable spaces for educators and learners alike. If you are in a position to help improve these facilities and change the way these institutions teach minds and touch hearts, then it’s clear that you have much to deal with.

At this point, your priority list is filled with all sorts of tasks such as running evaluations, gauging opportunities for infrastructure improvements, and planning budget expenses. However, your daily hustling and bustling may also be causing you to overlook critical areas that need to be handled and improved for better experiences, one being your mailrooms.

Fortunately, this is where an upgrade with the help of smart lockers can definitely help you make up for lost time and bare minimum attention.

Why You Should Invest in Smart Lockers for Your College Campus

Let’s face it: your campus mailroom was probably designed quite a long time ago, which means it’s perhaps a little bit shabby and no longer convenient to use. 

Considering that we live in the digital age where e-commerce is more widespread than ever, a daily stream of packages can prove to be too much to handle for any outdated package system. Fortunately, improving your mailroom so that it can keep up with a growing workload doesn’t mean you need to opt for costly and difficult renovations. Smart lockers can make a huge difference!

To best understand why your campus mailroom needs to be upgraded with the help of a professional like GS Parcel, here’s a list of reasons why you should invest in smart lockers ASAP:

1. Smart Lockers Provide Efficiency with Minimal Staff Involvement

One of the biggest hurdles concerning outdated-college campus mail systems is that high package volumes can take a significant toll on staff members who are not armed with solutions to maximize their work. When your mail team is forced to handle copious parcels in a rush, the risk of making mistakes increases. Fortunately, this is where smart lockers can make a difference. 

Thanks to automated self-serve technology, smart lockers can ease the burden on busy staff members. Once a smart locker system is fully implemented in a college campus mailroom, it becomes much easier for mailroom teams to dedicate their time to other essential tasks. 

2. Smart Lockers Provide Easy Space Management

Another key reason smart lockers are an excellent investment for college mailrooms is that they can help even the most cramped areas overcome space limitations. 

When you switch out the hassle of traditional systems for more effective, modern solutions, your mailroom will no longer be a center of chaos filled with package pileups and overcrowding. Smart lockers create more space by securing deliverables away from a mailroom. Options provided by GS Parcel can be installed outside offices, shared areas, or anywhere there’s electricity and access to WiFi!

3. Smart Lockers Provide Digitally-Automated Tracking and Reporting

Automated tracking and reporting of packages make life so much easier for mailroom teams, all students, and campus staff. Through the use of a powerful automated cloud-based platform, smart lockers ensure that the chain of custody is complete using created digital records. These systems will help in preventing delays, confusion, theft, and loss.


While managing your college campus’ mailroom to ensure that it operates effectively and smoothly, the opportunity to upgrade to smart lockers is an opportunity you can’t miss. Once you set aside the necessary funding and have a few dozen solutions installed, you’ll never have to worry about frustrating package experiences ever again.

If you’re looking for school package lockers and smart lockers for your college campus, GS Parcel has got you covered. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products!

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