4 Reasons Business Owners Turn to Parcel Lockers

One of the most frustrating things a business owner can experience is to have a package delivered late. It’s even more frustrating when that package contains the necessary inventory or equipment ordered in advance. 

This is why most parcel delivery services offer flexible hours so that you can send those packages to your recipients. In turn, these people can also receive their packages whenever it’s convenient for them.

Parcel lockers also offer an excellent option for business owners looking to avoid high shipping costs. They also provide package distribution services for pick up and delivery in person, at the location of your choosing. 

To find out more about how they work and why you should use them, read on! 

Understanding Parcel Locker System

The parcel locker system is an innovative concept that uses a stand-up locker storage device that securely stores various packages before handing them to the recipients upon delivery or pickup. This system offers major cost savings to businesses that ship products or parcels to their clients. 

It’s not just small-medium-sized companies who benefit either—even large corporations like Amazon have begun using the parcel locker system to cut down on expensive shipping expenses.   

Parcel lockers also offer other benefits such as providing peace of mind during natural disasters, protection against theft and vandalism, and greater convenience for customers whose availability is less flexible.

So to help you decide whether you need parcel lockers in your business, here are the top reasons you should in the first place.

Secure Your Packages

The package that you will send to your customers is safely secured inside one of the package lockers. So, upon delivery, your recipients will be notified via email or text message that their packages are ready for pickup or delivery. 

The codes add another layer of security for your recipients because they are only specific to them. 

Trace and Track Package Placement

One of the most common questions that business owners and their customers ask is the current whereabouts of their packages. With the parcel lockers, you can track where the outgoing and incoming packages are. You can trace whether they are on their way, have just arrived, or were picked up by the recipient. 

Parcel lockers have tracking logs that you can maximize to monitor and ensure that the packages are safe and would be able to reach the recipient on time. At your end, you would never have to worry about forgetting if the packages have been delivered or lost along the way.

Centralized Location

One of the struggles that businesses face when hand-delivering packages is the availability of their recipients. With parcel lockers, you can save yourself from the hassle and high cost of package distribution by centralizing package pickup at one location that recipients can access 24/7. 

This means that they can retrieve their packages whenever they are available, even without the assistance of another person.

Contact-Free Pick Up and Delivery

What’s excellent about parcel lockers is you won’t need to worry about whether an irresponsible staff member mishandles the package (especially with fragile items—yikes!). This is because a delivery person can just interact with the parcel locker interface without needing assistance from another person. 

The recipients can also experience a contact-free pickup using a unique code (sent to them) on the locker’s kiosk screen or their mobile app to automatically unlock the locker. This is a great system, especially now, as people can continue social distancing while having the convenience of picking up their packages.


Parcel lockers are great storage devices that allow businesses to focus on their business while parcel delivery companies handle the delivery and pickup of packages. This parcel delivery system is a convenient and safe way for your customers to pick up their packages in their own time or have them delivered safely right next to their doorstep.

GS Parcel offers convenience and peace of mind to business owners and their customers using package locker systems. Contact us to get a head start with all your pending packages today!

GSParcel Staff (55)

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