Parcel Lockers: Smart Solutions for Office Mail Problems

The office mailroom can be chaotic. It’s common to encounter package losses and mislabelled mail that can stress out your employees. Having a limited space for your many delivered packages can complicate the simple process of finding the right piece of mail as you search through unorganized stacks. 

A good way to solve this issue is by investing in a smart office parcel locker that adds organization to your office mailroom. If you’re interested in getting smart lockers for your company, make sure to read through this blog to learn more information. 

Here are the various ways your company can benefit from smart lockers: 

1. Organized Parcels 

Organizing employee mail is one of the most important objectives any company should aim for in their mailroom. Smart parcel lockers can expand a storage space while maintaining a flawless, automated system. With a smart locker, an organized office mailroom will help in boosting efficiency in the company. 

2. Added Security 

Aside from organization, another element of an ideal office mailroom is to be equipped with a secure system for package acceptance and distribution. When your mailroom is safe, your employees will feel more comfortable about the whole mailing process. 

Smart lockers come with a tracking software system to ensure that each employee receives the correct packages, and at the same time, guaranteeing that your company can monitor your sensitive documents. 

With a secure system, your company can avoid package theft, all while providing employees much-needed peace of mind, so they don’t need to worry about losing anything in the mail. 

3. No Package Loss

Smart parcel locker companies prioritize security and traceability to avoid package losses wherever they are installed. The lockers keep packages safe for the recipient, and the robust cloud-based software ensures a smooth transaction from delivery to pick-up operations.  

4. Digitized Documentation 

The mailroom app boosts the system’s efficiency from the moment your package gets scanned to recording the transaction in the app. The recipient will simply be notified upon the arrival of the package instead of spending too much time waiting for the parcel to come. There’s also convenience in quickly scanning a QR code to release the delivery from the system. This process ensures that the transaction is completed safely. 

5. A Stress-Free Experience

The innovative technology of indoor parcel lockers involves an advanced system, but it is still a simple process anyone can follow. Perhaps the best thing about the streamlined security system is that instead of exerting extra effort sorting and organizing parcels, you can spend time on more productive things instead. 

The benefit of smart parcel lockers extends to the mailroom staff and office employees, which aims to reduce everyone’s stress by managing their parcels more efficiently. Furthermore, a more organized system can improve overall morale and satisfaction. Without the hassle of long mailroom lines or package mix-ups, employees can happily address their mail to the office!


Getting smart parcel lockers can solve your mailroom problems. The benefits of this smart solution can make your parcels more organized, add better security to the process, reduce package losses, digitize records, and relieve stress from employees. After all, people work better when systems work best for their convenience. 

GS Parcel is a local installer and supplier for Luxer One indoor parcel lockers serving New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York & New York City, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. We are happy to supply, deliver, and professionally install your next smart locker system. Contact us today! 

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