Are Luxer One Parcel Lockers the Right Investment for You?

You may be thinking about investing in a Smart Package locker. Luxer One is the latest in the market from Luxer that offers you everything you need for delivery processing that much faster. This post will help you decide whether this is the right investment for your property.

How Luxer One Works

Luxer One has smart, self-service package lockers that automate package management wherein couriers will only need to enter a unique code on the touch screen, choose the resident the package is for, and take a photo of the shipping label. Once done, couriers will place the package inside the secure locker. 

The resident will be notified via email or text message (or both) when the package has been delivered. Moreover, the message will contain a one-time access code that will enable the resident to retrieve the package at any time. 

It’s important to note that Luxer One does not require a battery. All of the wirings are built into the lock and that is all that is needed;  the rest is all mobile. So the device is all about allowing you to streamline the way you do delivery and retrieval.


Luxer One offers various sizes, from small to oversized. They also have outdoor units and a fridge unit to accommodate grocery deliveries. 

Unit Configurations

The locker system begins with the Main Unit, which comes with the touchpad. Except for the fridge, all units can be configured for outdoor use. Therefore, communities and properties can mix and match units that will suit their needs. 

You can also customize the color and design, depending on your preferences. 


You may need to pay quite a heft amount upfront to get the Luxer One. Additionally, there is a monthly fee for the technology, video surveillance, and support. 

The installation and equipment of the lockets can cost between $6,000 and $20,000. This will depend on the configuration. 

Despite the upfront fee, Luxer One remains a lower-cost option compared to other systems. 

The Risks: Security, Reliability, and Delivery Guarantees

Your monthly fees will depend on how many lockers you have, the size of the lockers, and the number of mailboxes you have. 

Delivery Guarantee

You can request a delivery guarantee when you order your Luxer One. This means that the package will be held in the locker until the resident retrieves it. Alternatively, you can set it up to release the package immediately after delivery. 


All locks have several security options, including smart locks, fingerprint access, and key locks. The smart lock is convenient, but it can be a security risk. If the smart lock doesn’t work, you may need to use another option, which is either fingerprint access or a key lock.

Make the Right Investment

The Luxer One has the potential to be a smart investment for your property. It can help streamline the process of delivering and retrieving packages. Ultimately, it relies on automation to function. This means that you will depend on automated lockers to work, even if no one at your community or property can retrieve packages. At the end of the day, you will want to evaluate your property’s delivery needs and the current lockers systems that are available to see whether or not Luxer One is right for you.

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