Reasons to Transition from Manual to Fully Automated Mailrooms

Firms have handled their mailrooms manually for generations. While this method is still effective today, it might be high time to keep up with the times by upgrading to a fully automated mailroom system. Read on to learn the reasons why you should modernize your mailroom system today!

It Removes Human Error

Hand-sorting and tracking each piece of mail that enters the mailroom is time-consuming and error-prone. Fortunately, smart lockers monitor incoming and outgoing mail and notify recipients on how to access it. While mailroom employees must still fill lockers, the computer eliminates human error.

It Increases Mailroom System Efficiency

It is inefficient to keep a manual for the mailroom. Hand-sorting and distributing all mail and parcels takes extra time and effort, especially during peak hours.

By modernizing your mailroom, you may make greater use of your employees and teach them new skills. Staff to accept and store mail in office package lockers will be required in the future but in fewer numbers.

It Reduces the Use of Paper

Some firms keep a paper logbook, send checklists, and monitor incoming mail. This consumes a large amount of paper that is either stored or discarded.

In the workplace, a well-organized mail storage system lowers the need for paper and forms. These lockers keep a digital record of the mail received by each receiver, making it a friendlier option for the environment.

It Can Manage a Massive Volume of Mail

Mailrooms may require more assistance during peak seasons. You can keep your employees from getting overworked and worn out by automating your mailroom. To use the computer, they simply place the packages in any available locker.

It Strengthens Client and Supplier Relations

The sender may request additional information in order to verify that the letter is delivered to the correct office. Clients and suppliers only need to know the names of the individual and the company. When a mailroom employee places a parcel in a locker, an onboard computer alerts the addressee. Finally, this will help your company’s reputation and efficiency.

It Avoids Risks of Package Theft and Loss

Smart locker solutions safeguard cargo by emphasizing security, traceability, and transparency. With this, shipments are kept safe in the heavy-gauge steel lockers until they are picked up by the recipient.

The cloud-based technology tracks the mailroom’s chain of custody from delivery to pick-up. Thus, package thievery will be a relic of the past! 

It is Safe and Secure

Your staff may send and receive vital documents with confidence. There will be no data loss as a result of the tracking program. Your staff will appreciate the convenience of having their own personal packages delivered to their smart lockers. 

To avoid package theft at home, many employees arrange for personal packages to be delivered to their offices. You can boost employee productivity and provide peace of mind by giving them exclusive access to smart lockers.

It is Organized

While office mailrooms get increasingly congested with parcels and paper mail, smart lockers give extra storage space while keeping an organized structure. For example, if a single person receives a large number of packages, they will be combined into a single locker to make things easier.

It Reduces Stress

The system is simple to use and provides seamless security and management for workplace mailrooms, as well as streamlines the procedure from delivery registration through contactless pick-up. 

Smart lockers save mailroom personnel time and energy by lowering delivery time by 75%. This saves time and money while increasing customer service.

Furthermore, office morale will improve. Employees will have more control over their time as a result of reduced mailroom wait times and shipment mix-ups. When their package is available for pickup, they will be notified through email.

It Provides Contactless Transactions

Improving office productivity is always advantageous. The COVID outbreak highlighted the significance of enhanced sanitation and crowd control. Smart lockers prioritize cleanliness, limit bacteria transmission by using UV sanitization, and use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.


Adapting to modern times means jumping on the train and riding this new and fast-paced environment. The reality is the digital era is the current world we live in today. Thus, it’s worth looking into the future and updating your workplace conditions, such as transitioning to a fully automated mailroom. With sophisticated mailroom systems and efficient workplace package lockers, everything will be better!

Are you ready to upgrade your package locker system? GS Parcel is here to aid your needs and implement your next smart locker system. We guarantee the highest quality products, services, and professionalism. Contact us today to learn more!

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