Everything You Needed to Know About Parcel Lockers

Parcel lockers are units designed for bulk storage. They have multiple compartments that can be locked and are meant to facilitate the delivery and collection of orders night and day. Since parcel lockers are accessible 24/7, it is becoming a powerful tool in a period of rising e-commerce.

For example, a person can order something online and go to the nearest parcel locker to get their package. The delivery company can deposit these parcels securely even when no one is around to sign for the shipment. This system is also ideal for construction sites and industrial facilities since they can still make after-hour deliveries and prevent delays.

Parcel lockers have endless designs and capabilities. Although other industries might refer to them in other terms, as long as they are highly accessible and secure storage units made for packages, they can still be considered parcel lockers.

Common Types of Parcel Lockers

1. Cluster Box

This is a term used by the United States Postal Services (USPS). They define a cluster box as a centralized unit of individually locked compartments designed to deliver and collect mail.

2. Will Call Dropbox

This parcel locker is fitted with electronic locks that produce unique keycodes for every order pickup. They are usually made for industrial use with heavier construction compared to B2C models.

3. Buy Online, Pick Up in Locker (BOPIL) Locker

The Buy Online, Pick Up in Locker (BOPIL) locker is a play on BOPIS, or “Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store” retail model. Some retailers usually use the term BOPIL for the unit itself.

4. Retail Pickup Locker or Retail Locker

Even if it’s possible to do a click and collect purchase without using a parcel locker, claiming an order at the counter can still require customers to stand in a queue. They don’t have to wait in line anymore when they use a parcel locker with electronic locks. Retailers usually refer to them as retail lockers.

How Do Electronic Parcel Lockers Work?

An electronic parcel locker can make any traditional locked box function better digitally. This type of technology is usually in the form of smart locks and digital keypads that users can access through apps or portals. When a customer is trying to fill an online order using an electronic parcel locker, they can try following these steps.

1. A customer will make an order through the supplier’s online store. For the delivery option, they need to choose “Pick Up at Locker.”

2. The facility will receive the order through its online store portal.

3. The staff will place the order in a free locker and create a one-time passcode for the electronic look.

4. The passcode will be sent to the customer along with the notification that their order is ready to be picked up in their location. They will be told which locker it is stored in and what code they must use.

5. The customer will go to the storage location and pick up the order. After the order has been obtained, the one-time passcode will expire.


Parcel lockers are excellent devices that benefit many business owners around the country. Through these, they can have access to tools and log the users who check them out. It is also possible for rental providers to accept after-hours deliveries and returns when parcel lockers are installed. If you are interested in getting parcel lockers for your business, we have you covered.

GS Parcel sells and installs outdoor parcel lockers and indoor parcel lockers. As your trusted supplier and installer, we can ensure that your lockers are of excellent quality. We offer our products and services to residential and commercial clients. For inquiries, contact us today.

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