4 Benefits of Using Parcel Lockers in Apartments and Condos

People order online for many reasons, and many do so on various platforms. However, for individuals trying to run apartments and condos, the hassle of managing the packages is something they don’t look forward to, especially if it means handling hundreds of packages in one go.

So, is there a solution out there that will ease the burden placed on these managers? There is, and it is known as the parcel locker.

Here’s why parcel lockers can make managing packages for apartments and condos so much easier:

1. Tenants Are Quickly Notified After the Package Is Delivered

One common annoyance that managers of apartments and condos face are that they typically have to notify their tenants that a package has been delivered to their units. This means that the manager needs to make multiple trips up and down the stairs to get the package and provide the notification. With a parcel locker, the package can be placed inside the locker, and then the manager can do a quick scan to ensure the package has arrived. After the scan, the manager can contact the recipients and provide them with a notification that the package is here.

Luxer One Parcel Locker App Notification

2. Packages Are More Secure

Apartments and condos are in some areas of the country that are very high in crime. Some areas of the country are better than others, but many parcels can quickly be stolen if there is no security solution in place. A parcel locker solution allows managers to install parcel lockers inside the building in order to make the packages inside more secure. The parcel locker can also be installed outside of the building, which helps to keep the packages that haven’t been delivered to the tenants inside the building.

Close Up Black Indoor Parcel Lockers

3. Tenants can Easily Access the Parcel Lockers

If you’ve ever used a parcel locker before, you know that they can be effortless to access. Tenants can use their key fob to access the lockers and pull their deliveries out of the parcel locker. This means that the tenants don’t have to wait for the manager to deliver the package to them, which can be a time-saving solution.

Woman grabbing Package from Add-On Unit Luxer One Parcel Locker

4. Managers Can Easily Monitor The Parcel Lockers

Parcel lockers are typically monitored by cameras. This allows managers of apartments and condos to monitor those who use the parcel lockers. This is a huge benefit, especially if there are problems with the package being damaged or people stealing the items inside. It also allows managers to ensure no one is being too rough with the parcels that are inside.

How Apartment Package Lockers Work


Managing packages for apartments and condos is stressful for a manager. So many packages are left in one place, and the manager must be able to open those packages and ensure they are delivered to the right tenants by the right time. This becomes extremely difficult when hundreds of packages need to be delivered, and they must all be placed in a common area. An apartment parcel locker can make the manager’s job a lot easier and enable the manager to provide better services to the tenants, keeping them happy and satisfied!

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