Things to Know About Offering Apartment Parcel Lockers

The demand for online shopping continues to rise as more and more people find it convenient to buy products through the web rather than visit shops in person. With the influx of customers, residential communities can already expect to obtain parcel deliveries daily. 

If you manage an apartment and watch over a significant number of tenants, you may want to consider investing in a package locker system to make it easier to receive their parcels. Since the solution involves money, you should first guarantee you’re sure about your decision.

It’s not enough to install lockers that are cheap yet offer low-quality outcomes. Instead, you must find a reliable locker provider that will prove to you that you’ll get your money’s worth. Keep reading below to find out how to discover the best parcel management for your building.

Determine the Parcel Needs

Before anything else, the first thing you need to do is figure out the needs of your tenants regarding package management that can help you provide for them accordingly. You must be familiar with the number of parcels your building receives daily and the total occupants of your property. 

You should lay down a budget and know the amount of space available in the building to accommodate the parcel lockers. When consulting with a locker vendor, you could ask them for advice regarding how many lockers your residents require, if they will need assistance to use them and if they can provide self-service locker solutions. 

Learn the Security Measures

A crucial factor when choosing the right apartment parcel locker is the safety it can provide. Since your tenants receive all kinds of packages, you don’t want them to lose any of it the moment their orders get delivered to your doorstep.

You should ask your locker provider whether their products have cameras, are theft-proof, have an electronic log to minimize stolen packages, is weather-proof, and more. Knowing if they can provide you the option to get refrigerated lockers is also helpful.

Focus on Long-Term ROI

Investing in residential package lockers is more fulfilling if you can witness a significant return on your investment, which you can find out from your provider. Since you’re purchasing their products, they should give you insights into their long-term value for your sake.

Knowing how the lockers can provide for your residents is important, so you should ask your vendor about how it can improve people’s satisfaction or encourage tenants to stay longer. Similarly, if the lockers can attract new occupants and make your building staff more productive, and if you can look forward to operational cost-savings are other things to learn.


Installing package lockers for your apartment is a great idea for improving your building’s amenities and making your tenants happier, convincing them to stay longer. However, before you invest in electronic lockers, you should determine the parcel needs, learn the security measures, and focus on long-term ROI. It will ensure that you make the most out of your desire to make people’s lives better, more efficient, and hassle-free when it comes to receiving parcels. Are you looking for apartment package lockers in New York for your rental property? GS Parcel offers parcel lockers, specifically Luxer One, installing them for our clients in need. Get in touch with us today to request a quote!

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