5 Reasons to Get a Parcel Locker for Your Office Block

Most office workers typically work too many long hours to receive their parcels at home. With an increase in the volume of delivery in the workplace, there is a call more than ever for a secure place in which employees can receive their parcels without the uncertainty of whether they arrived or not.

If you are a cubicle employee with a lot of expected parcels, then you should think about investing in a parcel locker. It is a great way to keep all goods safe, in a way that doesn’t compromise employee privacy and safety.

If you are still unconvinced, here are just some of the reasons why you should try getting a parcel locker for yourself.

1. Saves You Time and Money

Having a parcel locker will save you a lot of time and cut any delivery costs. Rather than having your mail reallocated to your office building, you can make mail handler’s jobs much easier by directly having them delivered to the office building.

Not only that, but it comes in handy when you are not at your desk to receive the parcel. If left unattended, who knows who could rifle through your stuff and take a peek inside. It can even prevent any repeat deliveries or missing parcels.

2. More Convenient for Workers

Overall, having a parcel locker will be much more convenient for workers and mail handlers as well. As a general rule, mail handlers prefer that they deliver their items directly to the person ordering them so as to avoid any misunderstandings if it should come down to it.

When you have a parcel locker beside you, mail handlers can simply leave their items in your locked box without the fear of leaving it unattended.

3. Completely Secure

Parcel lockers are completely secure and theft-proof. The locker can only be opened by the intended recipient. Not to mention, there will always be someone overseeing the parcel directory so that no mailing accidents occur or any misplaced items go unaccounted for.

4. Improved Work-Life Balance

Office-based employees typically have a lot on their plate already. Drowning in reports, meetings, and other tasks, they barely have any time to worry about their delivered parcels. This makes it all the more devastating should a parcel indeed be misplaced.

When they have a convenient and secure way to keep their items, it will put them more at ease, and more focused to take on any of their office-related tasks. This greatly improves work/life balance, as they won’t have to be anxious about their deliveries, nor take time off to retrieve the items from their homes.

5. Keeps You Safe from Diseases

Another crucial benefit, especially these days, is to keep healthy and safe from any unwanted diseases. Having a parcel locker reduces the need for physical contact between the mailer and the recipient.

In this age where contact-transferred diseases are becoming more rampant, this is a convenient, safe, and healthy way to avoid it.


Without a doubt, parcel lockers are beneficial to just about any office-based employee. For convenience, safety, and health precautions, having a parcel locker just ticks all of our boxes.

If you are looking to rent one in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, or Massachusetts, get in touch with GS Parcel. We provide commercial parcel lockers that are completely safe to use. All you need to do is be notified of the delivery and come to the parcel locker to scan the code made just for you.

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