The Importance of Smart Refrigerated Lockers for Groceries

The grocery sector is transforming in a variety of ways. Some of these shifts have been in the works for a while, such as a rising emphasis on organic and healthy food, fueled by a growing understanding of nutrition’s role in our overall health.

And emergent technology is turning the food sector on its head with the rise of smart refrigerator lockers. Although refrigerated lockers have been popular for a few years, most people are still unaware of their existence. 

In this article, you will learn more about refrigerated lockers and the immense value they will bring to your grocery business. 

What is a Refrigerated Locker?

Smart refrigerated lockers are used to keep perishable products for a limited amount of time. They have the same advantageous features that parcel lockers do, because they combine security and convenience with the ability to adjust the temperature, allowing for cold or warm storage.

While online grocery sales account for a modest percentage of overall food retail sales today, they are predicted to account for up to 20 percent of total grocery retail sales by 2025. This means that online food purchases will grow into a $100 billion industry in just a few years.

What Is the Importance of BOPIS in Grocery Shopping?

Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) services are becoming increasingly popular in many retail contexts, including supermarkets. BOPIS for groceries operates by offering in-store pickup as a delivery alternative for online grocery orders.

BOPIS for groceries makes use of the ease of in-store pickup when doing online shopping, and it is a perfect partner for groceries. And in-store pickup with the addition of smart refrigerated lockers is excellent when most of the products are perishable goods that must be consumed or refrigerated within a short period after purchase. 

Many individuals and families shop for groceries weekly, and BOPIS for supermarkets allows users to add goods to their baskets during the week or rapidly re-purchase basics they use up. They may then place the order on a day when they are free to drop by the grocery store without worrying about spending time doing the actual shopping.

How Do Smart Refrigerated Lockers Improve Grocery Pickup?

Smart refrigerated lockers make the pickup procedure go more smoothly, resulting in an essentially frictionless shopping experience from start to finish. When a customer comes into the shop to pick up an order that has been placed in a locker, they can just enter their verification information and take their items out. 

Using a chilled locker system streamlines the process for grocery store employees as well. Their involvement begins with placing an order and concludes with entering that order into the locker system. When the client arrives, the locker alerts them that their order has been processed, validates the purchase, and allows a quick handoff of groceries to the consumer.

Final Thoughts

Refrigerated parcel lockers for food pickup and delivery have been the primary emphasis within the supermarket delivery business, but temperature-controlled food refrigerated lockers may help many other industries. With smart refrigerated lockers, your business and your customers can have increased convenience, security, and efficiency.

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GS Parcel is a registered reseller and installer of Luxer One parcel lockers, parcel rooms, asset management systems, and refrigerated lockers. Luxer One is revolutionizing the parcel locker industry and their self-serve, contactless pickup, and drop-off solutions are second to none. From the hardware to the software to the internal electronics, their lockers are designed in-house. They’ve built high-quality products that you can trust.

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