Benefits of Parcel Lockers Retailers Should Be Aware Of

Customers choose parcel lockers for many reasons, but the greatest is that they’re pretty convenient and significantly cheaper than home delivery.

Customers prefer these click-and-collect solutions not only as their final-mile delivery option. It’s also their chosen option in case of returns. If you wish to offer your customers the best shopping experience, parcel lockers are the way to go. 

Here’s how you can make them work for you: 

Provide Hassle-Free Delivery and Returns with Parcel Lockers

Your customers will be able to retrieve their goods and parcels at their convenience. That’s why parcel locker services are particularly convenient if you want to offer your customers a premium delivery experience.

Having parcel lockers at your store will also allow your customers to make returns easy. It’s not only hassle-free for them, but you as well. When returning items shipped to the store, customers don’t have to wait in line to talk with a cashier.

They need to go to the nearest parcel locker, insert their code and get back their goods. With this hassle-free solution, they can go home and consider the purchase without waiting in line.

Place the Parcel Lockers Either Inside or Outside Your Store

When choosing the best parcel locker solutions, you don’t need to stick to one option. Choose the solution that fits your store best, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor parcel locker.

An indoor solution is helpful for the times when you’re closed, but your customers can still access their parcel locker in case of an emergency. An outdoor solution is useful for when you’ve closed on a public holiday.

That said, an outdoor parcel locker is located in a highly visible spot that is readily accessible by your customers. They can see it from far away, unlike indoor parcel lockers. Like the small and medium-sized stores that offer click-and-collect, they too can attract walk-in customers.

Parcel Lockers Can Be Customized to Your Liking

You can choose the parcel locker size, shape, and dimensions that best fit your store. Smaller stores and convenience stores can opt for a small parcel locker that provides their storage space. Bigger stores can choose a large parcel locker that is more spacious.

Also, you can choose the colors that best suit your store and the decor. You can choose from a wide variety of bold colors to the less noticeable grey. You can even have your brand logo printed on the lockers.

They Can Minimize Shipping Costs

It will be great for you if you can minimize your shipping costs. You can make this happen by offering customers the option to pick up their delivery from your store.

Parcel lockers are the most cost-effective way to offer your customers this option. With these lockers, you’ll have to pay a small fee every time a customer accesses their parcel.

Moreover, you don’t have to hire someone to deliver the parcel to the customer’s doorstep. You’ll only have to pay for the parcel locker whenever your customers come to collect their order. Businesses can’t ignore that parcel locker solutions are the best methods to offer customers convenient shopping solutions.

You Can Get Robust Reports to Check on ROI

Parcel lockers give business owners the ability to collect robust reports about the performance of their operations. You can check on your customers’ shopping behavior and the areas you can improve.

You can see how long the customers take to retrieve the goods from the lockers. You can also see if they preferred to make return deliveries to the store. You can also see if they would like to use this service for their next purchase or not.


Customers choose parcel lockers for many reasons, but the greatest is that they’re pretty convenient and significantly cheaper than home delivery.

The benefits of parcel lockers are numerous, whether you’re a customer or a retailer. These lockers are vital in providing customers with the best shopping experience they deserve.

We highly recommend that you offer your customers this service to benefit from the numerous benefits it provides.

When your business is ready to give parcel lockers  a try, trust only GS Parcel to provide you with the highest-quality parcel lockers you can fid today. Our parcel lockers are available in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Contact us today to know more about our products!

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