Reasons Why You Should Say Goodbye to Manual Mailrooms

For the longest time, companies have been operating their office mailrooms manually. They place interns and trainees in the mailroom to hand-sort and hand-deliver mail to people from different departments. Although this method still works and may look cost-effective today, the truth is, modernizing your mailroom system has more benefits than a manual system.

Here are some reasons why you should upgrade your mailroom system to include smart office package lockers today.

Minimizes Human Error

Logging and hand-sorting every piece of mail that comes into the mailroom is a tedious process open for errors. Regardless of how careful the mailroom staff may be, there will always be lost mail and unlogged parcels.

Smart lockers automatically log the mail and inform people how to access their delivered mail. Although mailroom staff would still need to fill the lockers, it minimizes human error because the locker’s computer does all the heavy lifting.

Increases Mailroom Efficiency

Keeping a mailroom manual is not an efficient way to manage office human resources anymore. Hand-sorting and hand-delivering every mail and parcel require more manpower, which other departments may need, especially during a busy time of day.

In modernizing your mailroom, you can efficiently use your employee pool and even help workers acquire new skills along the way. The mailroom will still need people to receive the mail and put them in the office package lockers, but their number will decrease significantly.

Reduces Paper Waste

A manual office mailroom uses a lot of paper. They record the mail in a paper logbook, release forms, and send checklists. Companies store some of these for record-keeping purposes, but most end up in the bin.

A smart office mail locker reduces the need to use paper products or print out any forms. These lockers digitally log the mail, and every recipient will have a copy of it which they obtain digitally. This will save your company a bit of money and save the planet a whole lot more.

Easily Handles Large Mail Volumes

There are some seasons where mailrooms are neck-deep in work that they would need to request additional people to assist them. A manual mailing room handling large volumes of mail and new relatively untrained help is a formula for disaster.

Automating your mailroom will prevent your mailroom staff from being overwhelmed to the point of burnout. They only need to put the parcels in any available lockers and let the computer do all the work.

Boosts Client and Supplier Confidence

A conventional mailroom may need more information from senders to deliver the mail properly to people in the office. If a client returned an item or a supplier forwarded a sample without the proper department, their parcel may not be delivered, and their inquiries will be left unanswered. This may damage your company’s reputation.

In a modern-day mailroom, clients and suppliers only need to know the person’s name and the company. When the mailroom staff places the package on the locker, the onboard computer will access its database and inform the recipient. This will increase efficiency, enhance client and supplier communication, and ultimately better your company’s reputation.


Modernizing your office mailroom may be expensive and time-consuming. But the added efficiency of a modern mailroom system complete with smart office package lockers will make everything worth it.

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