Fire Specialties

At GS Parcel, while we’re known for our parcel lockers, we also offer a unique range of products under our ‘Fire Specialties‘ line. This exclusive selection caters to those seeking specialized, high-quality fire-related products, ranging from advanced fire safety equipment to innovative fire management tools.

Fire Specialty Products We Offer

AED Storage Solutions

Ensuring easy access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) during emergencies is crucial for safety.

Fire Safety Equipment

We provide expert installation of essential fire safety gear, including fire hoses, cabinets, and extinguishers, to ensure preparedness and protection.

Fire Escape Hatches

Our range includes roof and floor escape hatches, essential for creating safe exit routes during fire emergencies.

Comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Solutions

We offer an extensive selection of fire extinguishers and accompanying cabinets to meet all your fire safety needs.

Integrated Smoke Curtains

Our smoke curtains are seamlessly integrated with your building’s fire and life safety systems for enhanced protection.

Advanced Fire and Smoke-Resistant Doors

Our offerings include a variety of fire and smoke-rated doors equipped with exit devices, panic bars, automatic flush bolts, and push-bar mechanisms for safe and efficient evacuation.

Smoke & Fire Curtains

Elevator Smoke Curtains

Stairway Draft Smoke Curtains

Accordion Smoke Curtains

Retail Smoke Curtains

Parking Garage Smoke Curtains

Floor Floor-opening smoke Curtains

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