Too Many Parcels and Packages! How to Deal With it in 2022

Home deliveries have been trending upwards for quite some time. However, the COVID- 19 outbreak coupled with the lockdowns and closed brick-and-mortar businesses has unleashed a whole new game in the world of packages and parcels.

In terms of shipping parcels and packages, the delivery service market is projected to grow by 4.9 percent throughout the year 2022, remaining head and shoulders to pre-COVID numbers. What was once reserved for the holidays has extended throughout the year.

Table of Contents

  1. Shopping Post Covid-19
  2. The Increase in Bundle Delivery
  3. The Ultimate Solution: Automated Package Management Systems
  4. Integrating Parcel Lockers with a Building’s Personality
  5. Parcel Lockers Make Life Easier for Mailroom Staff
  6. Parcel Lockers Change Residential Deliveries for the Better
  7. Conclusion

Shopping Post Covid-19

Although brick-and-mortar stores have unlocked their doors and are open for business, people are still online shopping at a rate much higher than before the outbreak of COVID-19. Perhaps it’s the ease with which they can make their purchases over a long enough time to become more comfortable doing so.

All generations of shoppers and decision-makers have realized that the internet opens up a world of options accessible at the tips of their fingers. One can buy commodities online that could be bought at a local store, but also things that the store won’t have. 

The Increase in Bundle Delivery

The increase in bundle delivery has provided new problems, as well as new solutions in terms of residential and commercial parcel storage and pickup. UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS trucks that were once scarcely seen in a building’s parking lot have become daily visitors in many circumstances. 

The increase of incoming parcels and packages has created a space issue for some and a security issue for others. Whether the circumstances of a delivery zone are indoors or outdoors, handling, storage, and protection from weather and thievery have increased right along with the increase in bundle deliveries.

The Ultimate Solution: Automated Package Management Systems

Ultimately, automated package management systems are the #1 solution to all of the aforementioned problems that have arrived with the uptick of parcels and packages. The ease of use, efficiency, and reliability of these systems have changed the game in mailrooms around the world. 

Package management systems (both automated and mechanical) have stretched from commercial purposes into residential buildings, opening the market for a smoother and safer (interaction-free) pickup and delivery process. People can grab their deliveries upon notification at their convenience, rather than having to make sure they’re around to protect their delivery upon arrival or run the risk of it being kicked back to the local carrier hub. 

Integrating Parcel Lockers with a Building’s Personality

Parcel lockers provided by companies such as Luxor One have been revered for the ability to make their products blend in with not only existing mailroom technology and features but also the building’s décor itself. 

There are indoor units, outdoor units, refrigerated units, and designs that encompass an entire room at a purchaser’s disposal. These are not the lockers of yesteryear but are solid, secured, and extremely well-thought-out systems designed for a seamless delivery and pickup experience, be they smart/robotic systems or key-driven mechanical systems.

Aesthetically, these lockers look clean and professional, but looks aren’t everything. They look great but they also remove things that take away from a scene’s appearance. 

Things such as shelving units, loaded mail carts, randomly placed packages and parcels, and other factors involved in delivery room clutter, are all but eliminated through a well-thought-out parcel locker system. 

Parcel Lockers Make Life Easier for Mailroom Staff

Parcel lockers don’t only make life easier on the end customer, but it also lightens the load on staff running the mailroom. With incoming and outgoing deliveries simplified, less time is consumed, and more time opens up for them to concentrate on other duties.

Bundles become more easily tracked & stored, there’s less clutter to sift through to get a parcel to a waiting recipient, and overall mailroom upkeep time is decreased. In most scenarios, a recipient will already know where and how to find their parcel, requiring little to no service or further interaction with a mailroom clerk.

Parcel Lockers Change Residential Deliveries for the Better

Residential communities benefit in every way through the use of automated parcel locker systems. This is true in every environment but is especially true in areas that are burdened with a high crime rate. 

Parcel Theft Prevention

Parcel theft becomes a thing of the past when stored safely inside a rugged locker system. All of the traditional ways of doing things go out the window in rough neighborhoods- like taking off time at work to make sure you’re present for delivery; or going through the aggravation to make sure someone you trust can do it for you. 

Parcel Weather Protection

Residents can rest assured that packages won’t be left out in the weather where no mailrooms exist. Outdoor units are built to resist weather damage to their contents, be it a blistering sunny day or a major storm.


Automated parcel locker systems or mechanical parcel locker systems are the solutions to the ever-growing demand and expansion of the online shopping market in 2022. So, if you’re dealing with too many parcels and packages in the mailroom of your building, these systems will rapidly solve these problems.

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