We’re entering an era where package delivery issues will become a thing of the past. Luxer One is a company that handles package delivery, focusing on current delivery issues, primarily the delivery success rate.

There are a few reasons why a package couldn’t be delivered to the requested address. Maybe the delivery was too big for the drop-off location, or there was not enough space. It doesn’t matter if that package is big, small, or needs to be refrigerated; Luxer One has multiple units for different security and package delivery needs.

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Luxer One’s goal is to accept every package that comes through your door. They accomplish this through their unparalleled technology and commitment to service.


Inside and out, Luxer Package Lockers (and Rooms) are built to last and withstand the wear of time. Furthermore, there are five variations of the locker to choose from, all providing alternatives to suit your needs. Between the outdoor and indoor versions of the locker is a noticeable canopy for the outdoor version to help protect you from rain. These are perfect for various uses, such as college campuses, corporations, apartment complexes, mail centers, etc. Below is a brief list of differences between the five types of Luxer Lockers.

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Luxer One Maine Unit


Main Unit

The main unit of the Luxer Locker system contains an intuitive touchscreen, battery backup, electronics, and 15 components of various sizes.


Luxer Room handles package delivery on a larger scale with added security, such as personal access codes for delivery drivers and text notifications for the recipients, a piece of technology that can upgrade any storage or mail room. A touchscreen mount is compatible with most electronic access control hardware, and an additional touchscreen is inside the package room.

Additionally, the iOS-powered terminal is modular and can be applied for large rooms, down to the individual Luxer One Lockers themselves. This system provides visual and physical security for the packages and logs that go in or out via access codes. With this many security levels, they eliminate any fear of theft or ill-intent.

Luxer Rooms


Sure, it’s understood that Luxer One has the package delivery system on lockdown, but how many real-world applications are there for such an advanced multi-level locker system? If you continue reading, you’ll find multiple use case scenarios and various marketing applications for Luxer One products.


Package pick-up for office and co-working

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Book drop-off and pickup solutions for libraries

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Putting the care in care packages

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100% Package acceptance for your residents


First and foremost, Universities tend to have thousands of people walking around at all times, not to mention it can take quite a bit of time to travel across campus. Since the mailman isn’t knocking on every classroom door and dorm room, it’s best to have someplace secure for deliveries. Any University could easily use an indoor and outdoor locker unit from Luxer One.


No matter the quality of the residential area or apartment complex, theft happens from time to time. Furthermore, people aren’t home 24/7 to look out for their packages, nor do they always have a dedicated space for safe delivery. The technology applications that Luxer One implements with its lockers would end that issue indefinitely. They also provide various color options, allowing the locker to fit in with its surrounding.


For the most part, corporations are sending and receiving packages every day, so they’re no strangers to organizing and securing the endless deliveries that arrive to keep their business running. Knowing this fact, security must be at its highest level, as each delivery has a purpose and a place to be. If said package never made it to its recipient due to lousy organization or a delivery hiccup, it could affect many jobs and work schedules.


Libraries have thousands of books and documents to keep organized, not to mention some of that material is rich in history and should be stored away correctly. Additionally, people are returning books daily, which could be an excellent application for the access code feature of the Luxer One technology. Instead of having a messy drop-off area or a line of people waiting for their books to be checked in, you could access a self-service drop-off compartment.


Packages come in constantly regardless of which retail environment you work in, and every item has to be accounted for. This would also be an excellent Luxer One Refrigerator Locker market for the various food delivered. Each locker system’s adjustable shelving and modular compartments will allow you to keep every kind of delivery organized and ready for check-in before it hits the sales floor.


It’s no question Luxer One Package Lockers are at the top of their class. They provide multi-layered security, a quality build with trustworthy manufacturing of corrosion-resistant steel, and an adaptable design across a wide range of markets. Their in-house software can automatically return to the sender and put deliveries on hold, and Luxer One provides 24/7 support and dedicated support for carriers. You can expect the Luxer One Parcel Lockers to range from roughly $6,000-$20,000 based on type and configuration.


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